PROJECT SUMMARY: the US Virgin Islands is one of the most unique places on earth, combining some of the planets most incredible reef systems and a community culture like no other. We will create an in-depth look at our island community based on the islands heritage and beauty that surrounds us and the sea-life that calls our islands home. We will look directly at the efforts being made to help protect and preserve the natural resources of the Virgin Islands, the relationships being built between government agencies, local agencies and our community to help in this preservation, and the outside factors affecting the reef systems and sea life homes in the VI. We are approaching each section of the film from a different angle. These will include personal profiles, artistic works, environmental Issues and historical retrospectives, We will also include, heritage and culture and our surrounding natural beauty. Local footage filmed over the past 5 years, locally produced music, and a look at the people on the front lines of environmental preservation in the Virgin Islands will be used as well. From locally formed organizations such as CORE and Friends of the VI Parks along with federal protection agencies including NOAA and CRCP, our research and background scientific information will be from the best sources in the world.. This film will be dedicated in memory of local educational legend Mr. Guy Benjamin.


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