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We do full logo and branding graphic design and consultation for Print or for Web. I have been working in design since 1987, doing t-shirt graphics and logo design. In 1995, i was introduced to the web working in Hollywood at the beginning of the cross over between digital artistic design, photography, digital video and new website creation tools to interact with this new media.  I have been working in the digital web world including video and music production and promotion since this time. These days the tools have moved directly to a web-based world, including cloud and app design interaction with most all websites. In other words, the web world has caught up to us. Drop us an email to discuss creating your next website, using all available resources to help you get off the ground. design, management, SEO, statistics breakdown, Web video and photography, 365/Adobe Creative Suite 

This includes designs for Business cards/Postcards/Signs/Banners/posters/labels/stickers/clothing and bags promotional products.

Logo & branding graphic designs
Our Work in collectible items  Click on Images for link to STORE


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