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The Full Story


The CROW Show was created by Franklin Tulloch and Patrick Allen on the Small Island of st john after Irmagedden (Cat 5 hurricanes IRMA and MARIA). The storms that changed our world and life. You see both Patrick and i lost our homes and most of what we owned over that two-week period in September of 2017. We both had been in the islands for over 20 years at that point.

Each night after working all day across the island clearing roads and property without power for almost 5 months, We would discuss music during dinner cooked by way of generator and play songs to one another and discuss all the aspects of each regarding time stamps, influences, what roll it played in our lives. You see Patrick and I both grew up around the capital beltways, he in Baltimore, me in DC. There was always a culture that was that music scene, it was an incredible melting pot of sound, Bad Brains, Thievery Corporation, Trouble Funk,, Reggae (midnite/Eek a mouse/Inner circle), Punk and hardcore in the midst of hip hop and go go. all mixed white and black. late 80s and 90s in that area, the crack epidemic, we both grew up in it.

I was stunned by the musical knowledge that was passed between us over those months, and said to Patrick, brother, we should do a show, you know how many bands we know personally? It was at that point that i began formulating a way to get this going. We decided then, all we needed to do was sit with folks and discuss music and life. personally.

We had lived both. It was easy.

I miss my brother immensely, the last time we spoke I was sitting outside Ras Elyment Records Studios in st Croix telling him my incredible experience hanging with some serious reggae Rasta roots, while we discussed future shows.


The show goes on, because i owe it to you, and me.

The Crow Show is real, no bs, we talk to artists about life, their roots of music, and we show them live.

REALITY, non-scripted. Friends before Fans.


I hope you enjoy these. I know i do.


A Special Thanks to the Artists, Without you. Nothing. 

The CROW Show : Episode 1 PILOT

We sit down with ultra talented guitarist 

Van Gordon Martin.

A stunning reggae talent that grew roots through the music industry from all angles.

Van Gordon Martin

The CROW Show : Episode 2

We sit down with musical monster 

Sol Driven Train.

An extraordinary band with 25 year roots across the south and our little island.


The CROW Show : Episode 3

We sit down with Positive J from TREEHOUSE

almost a decade of love of st john culminates in a celebration of love life and Artists


Coming Soon:

Ryan Balthrop

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