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CROW: Cultural Rhymes and Rhythms of Worth


Founding Members

Toonces the Cat (mixologist/written word)

Beau "Geste" Brock  (Wordsmith, written word, beats)

about CROW

CROW is a pure mix of sophisticated talents run amok. Two artists that work extremely well together create a new type of groove coming at ya from the VI. A TRUE Flashback to the Good ole days of Real beats and flow....


Toonces the Cat: I have been working in and around the music industry since the Mid 80s. A huge fan of the pioneers of hip hop including Afrika Bambaataa, Sugarhill Gang, DJ Premiere to name a very few. I learned to read music as a teenager in DC while playing the alto and Baritone sax in our HS Jazz Band. Massive influences from the DC go go And NYC and LA/SF Hip hop scenes. I have worked as a film director and music video director for over 20 years and began messing around with my own ideas while working on a personal documentary. In my college years i worked with the Univ. of Mississippi blues archives working with and filming numerous bands all over the south. My influences are wide and varied. I hope you enjoy our music and mixes. My influences range from Jethro Tull to Pharcyde, classical to Black sabbath, literally all over the map. music is the soul of all of us. Cheers.


Beau Geste: I grew up in a small town in Ohio and have always been musically inclined. I started off banging on pots and pans in the kitchen as a kid, then I attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati through grade school (majoring in Choir and minoring in Creative Writing). In high school I was heavily involved in our drumline, steel drum band, and choir. I moved to the Virgin Islands (where I spent my 20’s!) and No matter what occupation I held or where I lived I couldn’t stop writing. I couldn’t stop singing. I couldn’t stop composing. Over the years I have written and arranged hundreds of instrumentals and also penned, recorded, manufactured, and distributed 4 comedy albums (spanning all genres of music) with my band FACE. In the Virgin Islands I performed with several local artists, singing and rapping, which planted the seeds for some very satisfying professional relationships, some of which remain intact to this day. I joined forces with film director, artist Franklin Tulloch to form CROW, Cultural rhymes and rhythms of Worth. For my 30th Birthday I flew to Orlando to check out Full Sail. Needles to say I graduated the fall 2018, top of my Class. My musical interests span from Frank Sinatra to Nine Inch Nails. From MF Doom to Radiohead. From Henry Mancini to Taylor Swift. From Rihanna to Johnny Cash. My favorite composer is Thomas Newman. I plan to continue to hone my skills and move out into the world to make my mark on the music industry.



WE ARE CROW: Cultural Rhymes & Rhythms of Worth

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