Earthbound Studios has been working in and around the music Industry for 30 + years. Photography, Live HD/4K Concert shoots, Full theatrical music videos, promotional and documentary films.


Our interests in music span the globe and we are always looking for something new and creative. Brainstorming a new idea with a particular style, look or theme a genre of music may wish to promote, or something personal and real, from the soul and speaks to the audience to tell a story through the music, lyrics and visuals.

Ryan Montbleau
75 and sunny
vi jamfest
Big Hippie Party: Australia
Art Garfunkel 1999
Josh Phillips Folk Festival
Live @ Larrys Landing,

The Snapdragons/Jay Chase
On and On, 2000
Ryan Montbleau
St John, VI
Ryan Balthrop
Live from the Beach Bar
High Hopes Band
Shot entirely on the island of St Croix
Justice JUST US Concert
Wadsworth Theater
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